Lose Weight in a Week – Soup Diet

Most people want to have rapid weight loss. However, what most people fail to ask is just how fast is fast. When it comes right down to it, what is the maximum weight a person can lose without risking his or her health?

Basically, an average person can healthily lose around two pounds per week. The reason for this is that regardless of much calories you remove from your diet, the body still needs a specific amount to run. Thus, two pounds is the maximum weight you can burn off without risking your own health.

However, there are rapid weight loss diets that have been proven to work. One of these is the soup diet which promises to burn off more than 10 pounds off a person in one week! If you want to know how to lose weight in a week using the soup diet, then read on.

Day One

You can eat as much soup as you want. The recipe for the soup varies from person to person, but its major ingredients include cabbage, onion, tomatoes and other vegetables that are low in calories. Aside from soup, you can also eat as much fruits as you want except for banana. Drink only water.

Day Two

Aside from eating soup, you can also eat as much vegetables as you want. However, the second day requires that you do not eat any type of fruit.

Day Three

On day three, you can now eat as much vegetables and fruits as you want as well as baked potato.

Day Four

On this day, your diet must contain only bananas. More specifically you should eat a maximum of eight for the whole day. As usual, the amount of soup you can eat is unlimited.

Day Five

When day five comes rolling in, your diet must consist of 30 ounces of beef or skinless chicken or fish. A maximum of six tomatoes can be eat through the day. The soup must only be eaten once today and eight glasses of water steadily consumer the whole day.

Day Six

Soup is allowed once today. A combination of vegetables and beef should be ateen, however, refrain yourself from eating baked potatoes.

Day Seven

On the last day, you can now upgrade to eating brown rice and as much vegetables as you want. However, what you drink must be restricted to either water or unsweetened fruit drinks.

That is the story of how to lose weight in a week fast. It’s actually very effective, especially if you are operating under a timetable for weight loss. However, you might first want to consult a doctor or nutritionist if you ever decide on going for the soup diet. Regardless of how easy it might sound, the soup diet can still make a person feel starved Still, if you manage to stick to it, then expect to lose a few pounds after the seven days. Keep in mind that you do not want to lose weight by putting your health at risk.

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A 7 Day Metabolism Diet Plan – How to Lose Weight Fast in a Week

A 7-Day Metabolism Diet Plan is a program that will closely monitor your calorie intake and will give you the result you have been dreaming of for years in just a few days. To start with, we only have two important rules that you have to know before deciding to follow our 7-Day Metabolism Diet Plan.

1. Keep yourself with proper hydration. It is necessary that you drink at least four glasses of water or diet soda every day

2. Use spices to bring flavor to food and make you feel full faster: ketchup, soy sauce, mustard, vinegar, Worcestershire sauce, lemon, salt, herbs, and pepper.

Below is an example of a 7-Day Metabolism Diet Plan:

A. You can start on a Monday and count it as the first day. For breakfast, have a tea with equal sugar or black coffee. Lunch can be a little heavier like two hard-boiled eggs and one cup cooked spinach. Dinner can be one celery or lettuce salad and one six-ounce steak.

B. Tuesday’s breakfast can be coffee again or tea with equal sugar and a water cracker. Lunch can be one celery or lettuce salad, one six-ounce grilled steak and dinner is eight oz. ham.

C. Wednesday can be same breakfast and dinner, but lunch can be two hard-boiled eggs, one cup green beans and one cup tomatoes.

D. Thursday’s breakfast is the same while lunch is a hard-boiled egg and one raw carrot. Dinner is a cup of plain yogurt and a cup of fruit salad.

E. Friday’s breakfast is black coffee and a raw carrot; lunch is a steamed fish with tomato salad; and a six-ounce steak green salad.

F. Saturday starts with green tea followed by an eight-ounce skinless broiled chicken and two hard-boiled eggs and a carrot.

G. Sunday begins with tea with lemon and then eight-ounce broiled steak, followed by a sensible proper dinner to mark the end of the week.

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Eat More Pectin For Successful Weight Loss

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to not feel so hungry all the time when you are trying to lose weight? Well there is a way and it’s not some new fad either, it’s something that’s natural, has no adverse side effects and might be sitting right in your fridge – fiber.

One type of fiber that you probably already have been eating is called pectin. Pectin is found in fruits, such as apples, strawberries, and peaches, along with vegetables including carrots, sweet potatoes and beans. Pectin is a carbohydrate that has no calories.

Pectin is a great source of fiber, which we all know is important for a healthy diet. Aside from helping you feel full longer, pectin can help to cut cholesterol and blood sugar levels. It may even aid in the prevention of colon cancer.

Pectin can help you lose and maintain your weight because it causes the stomach to empty more slowly. As a result, after eating pectin, you feel satisfied longer. This means that you will eat less, which will lead to weight loss. And if you think you’ll have to be gobbling down hundreds of apples or guzzling pectin drinks, think again – research has shown that as little as a single teaspoon can help you to feel satisfied.

Where Can You Get Pectin?

Thankfully, you won’t have to drive miles out of your way to get your supply of pectin because it is sold right in your local grocery store. It comes in a powder, which may be known as Sure-Jel, or a liquid, known as Certo. Derived from grapefruit and apples, pectin is usually found with the baking supplies in most supermarkets.

How To Take Pectin

You can mix pectin with orange juice, water, or soft drinks. It has no taste so shouldn’t affect the taste of the beverage you mix it in. It is best to increase your intake gradually to let your system adjust to the added fiber. Start off with a teaspoon a day and then gradually add more in to a max of 3 teaspoons a day. You can also add pectin to broth or soups, applesauce and even baked potatoes.

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Why You Need to Binge to Lose Weight

Now – if your weight loss progress so far is anything like mine was, then binging could be your worst enemy! But taking on calories is a very important part of losing weight – and, to a certain extent, you SHOULD binge to lose weight.

Let’s back up a bit. First off – no matter how you might feel about it – your body is an incredible machine, built to survive all sorts of conditions. Way back before we had remote controls, your body was designed to handle feast and famine, by storing energy in the good times and burning it in the lean times. So this “problem” that we all battle in the modern world is actually a very effective survival mechanism!

So – how does that mean you should binge to lose weight? We’re getting there – read on!

There is a hormone called Leptin which is produced by fat cells and it is this that tells your body when you have had enough to eat. As you gain weight, your body’s concept of what is “normal” starts to shift – until your new weight becomes that norm – whether that’s 150lbs, 200lbs or more – that is now your body’s new normal.

So what happens when you start cutting back and dieting? Your body goes into survival mode! So the production of Leptin drops off, your metabolism starts to slow down to use less food and you start to feel really hungry all the time. Even though you may still be 50lbs, 100lbs or even more overweight, all your body knows is that there is a food shortage, and it must survive! Pretty incredible, actually, even though it does make losing weight a bit challenging …

So how does that bring us back to having to binge to lose weight?

Simple – it’s all about fooling your body and working with your Leptin levels. Here’s how it works:

First off – you set up your diet in the way we all know and love – low calorie, high protein, healthy stuff.

Next – you stick to your diet !! So when can I binge to lose weight I hear you ask!

After about a week, Leptin starts to cause trouble – typically, this is the point where your body starts to go into survival mode. Your metabolism slows, so any weight loss you have seen tends to slow down, and your hunger soars as your body tries to maintain your weight. Here comes the part where you binge to lose!

The best foods for this are carbs, because they are broken down by the body into glucose very quickly, which drives down your Leptin levels and fires up your metabolism again. This sets you up for another week of losing weight. So – obviously, you’re not going to eat 20 pizzas on that day, but increasing your calorie intake, especially with those easily broken down carbs, will have a rapid effect.

For me – this was very exciting – instead of binging being my enemy, now I could binge to lose weight! Behave during the week, and this can be a reward, as well as improving your chances for success – so binge away!

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Stevia Weight Loss – Burn Fat With This Natural Sweetener

Stevia weight loss, and burning fat with this natural sweetener, are two topics I love discussing with my weight loss clients. It’s a secret weapon that Asian women have used for decades to enjoy sweets and great desserts while still losing weight fast. Let’s find out how you can benefit from this ancient leaf and why it works so well to get skinny!

Stevia Weight Loss – Burn Fat With This Natural Sweetener

Stevia actually comes from a group of plants found in South America, Central America, and Mexico. That part is not important, I do not want to bore you with a long history of this wonder-plant’s origin. Instead I want to tell you why it’s so helpful to someone trying to lose weight:

Because it tastes exactly like sugar and has ZERO calories!

That’s right, this is not some hazardous chemical mixture like Aspartame or Splenda (yes, Splenda is horrible and should be avoided completely).

Stevia is a 100% natural and organic substance that grows in the ground, as almost all of our food sources should. It can be purchased in powdered form, or already included within certain food products and soda drinks you’ll find in your local health stores. Just read the ingredient labels on products to determine what if Stevia is inside.

The Key to any Successful Weight Loss Program is Staying On It

Stevia is such a godsend for doctors because it allows you to cut out almost all of the sugar-based calories in your life without having to suffer withdrawals or cravings for sweets.

You can put it in tea and coffee. You can sprinkle it on dry low-calorie cereal. You can even bake cookies and cakes with it!

Does this sound like an advertisement for Stevia? Probably, but when you’ve seen the results as I have, the actual weight loss in many people over the course of months, you want to scream about it from the highest mountaintop to anyone who will listen. It’s such a great tool to allow people to STOP overeating and make real progress towards their dream body in a healthy way.

Important: Read the Labels on All Foods and Drinks

I talk about this at great detail in my book, The Skinny Asian Diet, but I want to do a quick summary for everyone today on what to look for and avoid on product labels.

What you DO NOT WANT: High Fructose Corn Syrup, Sucralose, Splenda, Aspartame, Saccharin.

If I see any of those listed on the Ingredient table I put the item back on the shelf. Period. This is not negotiable.

Divorce yourself from these four deadly items forever (“Splenda” is the brand name for Sucralose, they’re the same thing, because why it’s 4 instead of 5) and make sure you never consume any of them. There are reasons why Diabetes, Cancer, and miscellaneous health problems have risen by 300% over the last 40 years, and it’s no coincidence that each of those products were injected during that span. Think about it.

The Bottom Line is You Must Take Action Now

I hear a lot of people telling me that they’re sick of the latest diet programs on the market these days, where you’re either STARVING or trying to live through BRUTAL workouts to drop weight.

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Choosing A Diet That Is Right For You

There are literally hundreds of diets to choose from. Research shows that people who have been successful at losing weight and keeping it off use a variety of different diets to help reduce their calories. Successful dieters choose a diet that fits their individual lifestyle, food preferences, and values.

This guide will give you a quick view of each diet based on individual habits so that you can pick a diet or two that may be right for you. Then you can investigate it further on your own.

Slim-fast plan: Simple, easy, with no planning needed As the commercials say, all it takes is a shake for breakfast, a shake for lunch and a sensible dinner. Research has shown that this diet is effective for some people. Boring can be good. In fact new studies on dieting show that people who eat meals routinely are less likely to gain weight. Variety breeds gluttony. So if you want something simple, and like a routine, try the Slim-fast plan.

Jenny Craig: Simple and prepackaged, but expensive

While a little bit more work than opening a shake, most Jenny Craig meals and snack are prepackaged and can be cooked in a microwave. They also provide a lot of planning and support along the way with weekly consultations and an excellent dieting website. Less boring than Slim-fast, Jenny Craig works hard to make it simple for you. One caveat is that Jenny Craig charges a premium. It was found by Forbes magazine to be one of the most expensive diet programs in the country.

Weight Watchers: Provides flexibility to match a busy lifestyle Weight Watchers is based on crunching numbers to calculate how much has been eaten in a day. The goal is to stay under a chosen number known to be low enough to maintain or lose weight. The beauty of the system is that dieters can eat out, snack, cook microwave pre-packaged meals, or cook. This makes the diet easy to follow and stick to if you travel a lot, work late, but like to cook at home when you can. It does require diligence to stick to and monitor your points.

The Zone Diet: Provides loose guidelines that can be flexible and easy to follow The Zone Diet provides broad guidelines for eating balanced snacks and meals made up of 40% carbohydrates, 30% fat, and 30% protein. Dr. Sears claims that a consistent balance of these major food groups creates a hormonal balance that improves our metabolism and helps with weight loss as well as providing other health benefits. The zone diet for weight loss also includes guidelines of eating no more than 500 calories in a single meal, eating whole grains, fruits and vegetables, and eating healthy fats (particularlyly olive oil and fish oils). Following this diet is in some ways similar to the weight watcher plan. Instead of just counting calories, your calculating proportions.

South Beach Diet: For dieters who love to cook The South Beach is centered on a series of cookbooks including gourmet meals made from healthy ingredients. The cookbooks provide a variety of healthy and good-tasting meals to choose from.

Sonoma Diet: Heart healthy The Sonoma Diet is based on the Mediterranean diet, which is a diet with solid evidence that it reduces the risk of heart attacks. The diet also provides cookbooks with a wide variety of healthy gourmet meals.

Atkins Diet: Great for meat lovers Few diets have created as much controversy as the Atkins diet because it flies in the face of current medical opinion that a balanced diet is critical to good health. Atkins proposed that strictly limiting intake in carbohydrates can result in both rapid and sustained weight-loss. This diet is difficult in you crave carbs. However, if you love meat, cheese, and bacon, it may be perfect.

Each of these diets provides their own means of reducing calories to assist in weight loss. They can be effective for you if you choose one that fits your lifestyle so that you can stick to it. If you choose a healthy diet you can stick to, and exercise regularly you will succeed in losing the weight you want to lose, and keeping it off for a lifetime.

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Do-it-Yourself Vegetarian Burgers For High Protein Diets

Vegetarian burgers are a healthy and affordable menu choice for those following a high protein diet for weight loss. Making the burgers at home is as simple as smashing canned beans and adding some of your favorite traditional seasonings and condiments. Try these healthy veggie burgers in place of traditional meat burgers and enjoy a healthy meal this summer.

Vegetarian Burgers

Serves 4.


  • 2 cloves garlic, peeled
  • 2 (16-ounce) cans pinto beans, rinsed and drained
  • 2 tablespoons light mayonnaise
  • 1 tablespoon chili sauce
  • 2 teaspoons fresh lime juice
  • 2 tablespoons dry bread crumbs
  • 2 medium green onions, thinly sliced
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • 2 tablespoons flour
  • 2 tablespoons canola oil
  • 4 whole grain hamburger buns, toasted
  • lettuce, tomato slices, onion, pickles, cheese slices (optional)

To prepare burgers place the beans, garlic, mayonnaise, chili sauce, and lime juice in the bowl of a food process. Pulse to process until well blended, but still lumpy. Stir in the bread crumbs, green onions, salt and pepper. Divide into four equal portions and shape into patties, place on a plastic lined plate. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate until firm, at least one hour or over night.

Just before cooking dredge the veggie patties in flour, shaking off the excess. In a large non-stick skillet, heat the oil over moderate heat. Pan fry the patties for 3 minutes per side or until browned and crisp on the outside and heated through.

Place the cooked veggie burgers on the toasted hamburger buns and serve with the lettuce, tomato slices, onions, pickles, and cheese.

Each veggie burger provides about 16 grams of protein per serving. Beans are an outstanding source of low-fat high-fiber protein as well as many minerals and nutrients. A one-cup serving of pinto beans provides 74 percent daily value of folate, 48 percent daily value manganese, 27 percent daily value of potassium. Vegetarians, and meat eaters alike, who build a diet around plant foods such as whole grains, legumes, fruits and vegetables benefit from Mother Nature’s disease fighting antioxidants and phytochemicals that promote wellness and longevity. Plant foods are found to be, in many cases, lower in cost than animal and dairy protein.

Beans are an excellent protein choice in a high protein diet because they are a low-glycemic index carbohydrate which means they will not significantly affect blood insulin levels. Low-GI carbohydrates are believed to reduce insulin levels, lower cholesterol levels, help control appetite, decrease the risk of heart disease and diabetes and improve overall health. Vegetarians who are following a high protein diet after weight loss surgery can enjoy these veggie burgers as part of their healthy diet.

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Lingzhi (Reishi) Mushrooms for Weight Loss

Science and technology will always turn to nature when in comes to safe and effective ways to lose weight. Opting for a more natural way to shed off the unwanted fats and weight is made possible using mushrooms. Yes, you heard it right, mushrooms. Lingzhi (Reishi) mushrooms for weight loss is relatively new to the western world. However, this mushroom has been used for thousands of years in Asia.

This medicinal mushroom is known as reishi in Japan, yeongji in Korea and linghzi in China. The Chinese name can be loosely translated as herb of spiritual potency . Now, that makes it really sound medicinal and effective. Lingzhi (Reishi) mushrooms for weight loss is just one of many benefits that it offers. According to Chinese medicine, the mushroom has beneficial effects for different parts of the body depending on its variety. White varieties are used for the lungs and the skin, black for the kidneys and brain, green for the liver, purple for the joints, yellow for the spleen and red for the heart.

Today, the health and fitness industry is awed by the weight loss properties of this mushroom. When you consider Lingzhi (Reishi) mushrooms for weight loss, its most important action is increasing metabolism. Fitness experts and weight loss professionals all agree the importance of a high metabolic rate in order to remove extra fats and weight. Well, this mushroom increases the metabolism of the person thus reducing weight safely and effectively. The keywords here are safely and effectively . There have been many synthetic drugs and weight loss pills that are actually detrimental to one’s health. Furthermore, it aids in digestion and absorption of nutrients. This is why users of Lingzhi mushrooms for weight loss also experience good digestion. Fat absorption is also put to a minimum. In fact researchers have shown that it lowers the bad cholesterol levels. Excretion and elimination of unwanted fat and toxins in the body are also known benefits of consuming this mushroom. Because of these benefits, more studies and researchers are on the way in order to learn more about the power of Lingzhi.

It is important to understand that taking Lingzhi must be accompanied with proper diet and exercise. Getting the desired body is something that one must actively work for. Whether in tea or capsule form, this mushroom is another important tool to get rid of the excess weight and fats.

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