Weight Loss Tips – 10 Steps to a Thinner You

Losing weight successfully and in a healthy manner is always achievable. However, before you embark on a diet you must first consider how you can control our calorie intake combined with a system while you can also control the amount of calories burned when exercising.

The below top 10 dieting tips will help you successfully complete your desire to lose weight in a healthy and long-term manner;

1. Remove obstacles

Do not undertake any weight loss program if you anticipate obstacles in the near future. Schedule a time where you can be fully focused upon your weight loss program not having to worry about other issues or distractions.

2. Feel great about yourself

Negative attitudes will not promote success. If you are feeling great, and you have a good degree of self-esteem, think positive and think good about yourself.

3. Write down the reasons why you were dieting

Write down a list of reasons that are stimulating you to lose weight. Be honest and truthful with yourself and record everything which comes to mind. You can refer to this in times when your willpower is waving, and you need a motivational boost.

4. Congratulate yourself

Set yourself small yet challenging and achievable miles. When you reach one of these millions reward yourself in some way. Sometimes a new hairstyle, a massage or some new makeup.

5. Imagine yourself thinner

If you have pictures of yourself sometimes when you were younger and thinner, use these to help you stay motivated you will be surprised how powerful images can be when it comes to stimulating one's mind.

6. Keep a food diary

Food diaries are an ideal way to understand your eating regime and as a consequence, form the basis of your lifestyle change.

7. Hide your scales

One of the most de-motivational aspects of trying to lose weight is the temptation to continuously weigh yourself. Weight loss is a progressive plan and weighing yourself daily is not only de-stimulating but is also not reflective of the overall long-term weight loss success. Weigh yourself at most, once a week and do not compare yourself to others – this is your diet and your diet only.

8. Get out the ‘Neg Spray'

A good friend and motivational expert of mine once produced a spray during one of his lectures. The can was labeled, ‘Neg Spray' and was used to demonstrate the effect of hanging out with negative people. Keep yourself away from negative people and in your mind if you do encounter them, imagine producing your can of negative spray to help you deflect any negative comments.

9. Do not hoard food

If you are in employment make sure you remove all the temptations to snack during the working day. Food should only be stored in your kitchen and not in your workplace drawings.

10. Take your time

A recent dieting plan by a well-known hypnotist suggested that it is possible to lose weight by eating less food. Nothing groundbreaking here, but his technique was to chew your food at a slow pace thereby fooling your brain into thinking you have ateen much more than you actually have. There is some sense in this method given we have conditioned ourselves into quickly chewing and swallowing our food ready for the next mouthful. However, after you have read this, and the next time you eat something, try it. Slowly savor every mouthful and you would be surprised how many additional flavors you are tasting and how less volume you will require before your stomach feels full.

Good luck on your diet, if you abide by these 10 principles of weight loss you will be on your way to a long, returning and importantly thinner you.

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