Lose Weight With a Healthy Breakfast!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so it needs to be both nutritious and filling. Avoid eating the wrong thing as you head out of the door or grabbing something nutritionally suspect later in the morning as your hunger hits the roof. Be more prepared and eat a healthy breakfast every morning.

Think about your breakfast the night before. As you head home after work, from the school run or meeting friends, you need to think about what you have at home in the way of breakfast supplies, and be aware of when key items are running low. Too many people wake up to no milk and an empty bread bag, settling instead for a black coffee with zero calories.

Rather than helping you maintain a healthy weight, skipping breakfast will help you store extra weight, in the form of fat! Making a note in your diary or notepad of things you need to buy will help you to keep these items in constant supply.

NOTHING will set your day off to a worse start than if you do not fill your stomach with either the right fuel or enough fuel. If you find yourself running late, have options to hand that you can grab on the way out of the door.

Get a good supply of protein, carbohydrates and quality fats at breakfast. Grabbing a banana from the fruit bowl or a Danish pastry will not cut it. Yes it will fill a gap, but that gap will not stay filled for long, because of the high sugar content of such food. Instead, prepare your breakfast the night before, if you know you have to be up early or are likely to be rushed first thing.

Keep things simple and be realistic. If you know that you have to be up early, do not plan to cook first thing. Chances are you will simply skip breakfast to save time. Make sure that you choose breakfast options that suit your lifestyle. Hectic schedules dictate cereals and toast, cold meats or foods pre-prepared the night before.

For nutritional satisfaction, steer clear of the following breakfast foods: High sugar cereals (frosted flakes and sweetened muesli's), white bread and pastries, fruit ‘flavored' yoghurts, muffins, syrup, and all other processed foods.

Here are some healthy breakfast options to get you started – ONLY choose one per day !:

Medium cereal bowl of porridge oats mixed with water and / or organic milk, topped with a desert spoon of linseeds and a handful of fruit (ideally berries or apple)

2 boiled eggs with 1-2 slices of buttered rye bread and marmite

2 slices of smoked salmon with 2 scrambled eggs

3 tablespoons of natural organic yoghurt, topped with pumpkin seeds and mixed fruit

Medium cereal bowl of Millet Flakes with skimmed organic milk and a sprinkle of linseeds and raisins

A glass of natural yoghurt smoothie with banana, raspberry and seeds

2 scrambled eggs on toasted Soya and linseed bread with grilled mushrooms or raw red pepper

Medium cereal bowl of organic muesli (roughly 3 tablespoons) with soya / rice milk and mixed berries

3 tablespoons of low fat yoghurt topped with fresh fruit (eg: pineapple, melon, strawberry)

2 poached eggs on a buttered wholemeal muffin, with a slice of bacon

A glass of raspberry, mango and banana smoothie (mix with organic milk / yoghurt)

Medium cereal bowl of tinned prunes mixed with a small tub of low-fat fromage frais

REMEMBER: Go easy on your portion sizes. If in doubt, underestimate and then add more.
Good luck and start your day off the right way!

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