How to Do Weight Loss Exercise in Office Secretly

Weight Loss Exercise can be done in your office without known by other people! Check out these Magic weapons:

1) Sitting on “Air Chair” to slim down your leg and hips: You are in the sitting position but your buttock not touch your office chair, hold it for 10 minutes, try to repeat this position every 2 hours during your office time. This exercise will help to burn out fats in your leg and hips;

2) Waist movements exercise to thin down: spraining your waist slowly while sitting on the chair, try to make the spraining circle as big as possible, move slowly, draw back your abdomen all the time while doing the circle. Your are approaching flatten stomach and slim waist by this exercise;

3) Sit on the chair, stretch one leg silently, hold it for a while, change to the other leg, slim and shaped leg can be expected soon;

4) Sit on the Chair, take turn to tiptoe or lift up the front part of your foot, hold it for 20 second for each action. These actions can slim down your shank;

5) Sit on the chair, you can do exercise to expend the chest and contract the chest alternatively to strengthen your chest muscle.

Let these exercises blend into your daily routine office job, The approved fats in your Arm, Waist, Belly and hips will decrease progressively, possibly faster than the accumulated files on your desk … work and sit long hours in the office, and also helped to improve your health.

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