How Do You Find Motivation to Lose Weight?

The most common reasons why people either fail or never get started on a diet is the lack of long term motivation. Now losing weight and gaining a better health and self-esteem should be more than enough motivation you might think. Well it is not that simple! The most common mistake that people do when embarking on a diet program to lose weight is that they think short term, by that I mean that they plan for a given number of weeks or months and make it more than a project rather than a lifestyle change . They dig themselves into a pile of diets and meal plans and historically drowns in their own plans.

What happens after a while is that the plan begins to crumble and the person will begin to lose interest in the project, and that is where things will start to go wrong. Some weight will come back on, and the person might think that he or she is failing or that the diet is not working making the decay of the motivation and the diet plan itself even stronger. Meanwhile the self-esteem of the person will begin to drop and this will also contribute to the bad and motivation-killing factor.

Now you have a person who has failed! And the worst thing that we people know of is failure! It is a hard blow and will eventually keep us from giving a diet another attempt, simply from the fear of failing. This fear of failing is also the reason why some people never even begin on a diet. If you do not start you can not fail, simple strategy.

Now what can you do to avoid these traps?

What you want to do is not to look at a diet as a plan or a project, but more as a life-changing event. Altering your habit and who you are to some degree. You want to make the changes that a diet brings into a way of life. You can not fail in life, and doing it this way you will not have embarked on any project that you can fail. Also you should take the time you need to integrate the new habits into your new way of living, do not change everything in one day, take it one thing at a time. If you master one thing at a time you will be rewarded by more motivation to continue and you might even fall that self-esteem of yours rising a few degrees.

When I changed my life 10 years ago, I did not start on a particular plan or project. I had already been there, done that and failed it. What I did was simple. I made small changes each week and gradually changed my every day habits. Habits like avoiding fatty food, Habits of running 1 hour two times a week, Habits of eating at least 2 fruits a day. All of these small drips of change promptly paid of and I started to lose pounds, gain more motivation and belief in myself. Now I spend most of my time by writing on the web and on my site and hopefully guide people through the hard process of changing their lives and lose weight in a healthy manner and I do know one thing! If I can do, then you can as well.

I wish you the best of luck.

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