Weight Loss Motivation: The Missing Link With Proven Results!

Do you need help with your weight loss motivation? Are you having a hard time being consistent with the lifestyle behaviors you know will get you the results you desire? Are you looking to do something different that has proven results?

We instinctively tend to do what the people who surround us are doing. Behind the scenes, controlling and motivating these unconscious decisions is our subconscious mind. We are motivated by the fear of pain and the desire for pleasure. It really is that simple.

Let's face it; we are busy. How do we add one more activity when our plate is already full? Below, I walk you through the steps of what I call my morning motivation. It only takes a few minutes. The key is not to add one more thing to your plate, but to replace something. Where are you wasting time? Take a few moments to review your day and see where you spend time on non-productive activity and replace it with your morning motivation!

Here are three simple steps to create your own daily weight loss motivation!

1. What is your “why” for weight loss? Take a moment to visualize actually experiencing your why. It may be being on the beach in a bikini, being free of diabetes or riding a roller coaster with your child. Whatever your why is, take a moment to close your eyes and bring it to the now. Create that intense desire to feel good that will remind you of why you will choose to make certain decisions today.

2. Now, in that desired feeling, visualize your day. What are you choosing to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Visualize what you will be saying no to out of choice because you are inspired with your why. Go through your day and visualize the goals you will implement for the day.

3. Lastly, take a moment to feel the victory! How are you going to feel at the end of the day when you have successfully incorporated your goals and are full of energy because you have chosen healthy food options?

It is important to understand that the subconscious works with images. It is not the same to think about the above steps; the steps need to be done through visualization. You must first see with your mind, and then it will be manifested into reality. If you choose to incorporate these three simple steps into your routine routine, I promise that you will have increased weight loss motivation and begin to be more consistent with your healthy lifestyle changes!

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