Eating 1,500 Calories a Day – How Much Weight Your 1,500 Calorie Diet Plan Makes You Lose in a Month

By eating 1500 calories a day you can lose around 5 pounds within a month. But, yes the fat you lose would then be gained again as soon as you return back to the normal eating schedule. However, 1500 calorie diets can be relied upon as some of your favourite food items rich in vitamins and minerals can also be included in the diet chart. In case, this low calorie diet affects the metabolism rate of your body then instead of getting maximum results you end up losing more.

How much weight you lose after sticking to a 1500 calorie diet plan for a month?

You can lose around 5 pounds if you stick 1500 calories diet for a month. However, you diet chart should contain:


* Baked 100 grams beans

* You can opt for either fruit juice or a piece of fruit

* 2 Slices of toast

* 2 Sausages of lean


* Mixed vegetables

* Fish pie


* A piece of your favourite fruit

* Yogurt


You can opt for Chinese noodles during this time. However, after every meal you are supposed to drink lots of water.

Furthermore, if you follow the below mentioned tips you can plan your diet in a more effective manner:

* Whatever food items you buy first check out the calorie count.

* You can opt to divide your 1500 calorie diet into six half meals. However, try to avoid heavy meals before going to sleep

* Don't let your body to starve as the metabolism rate of your body would get disturbed. In fact, you can opt for nuts and berries to remain healthy and fine

* Just avoid smoking and drinking

* While following the low calorie diet opt for honey instead of sugar and low fat cheese instead of cheese

* Make sure that the food items that you intake are rich in proteins and fibers.

* Further colon cleansing can help you in weight loss permanently by flushing out the unwanted toxins from your body.

* For maximum results you can go for weight loss supplements such as acai and goji berries which effectively increase the rate of metabolism.

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