Rapid Weight Loss Tips – Hint (Forget About Diets and Traditional Exercising)

Here are some rapid weight loss tips you can use so that you will not need to rely on crazy diets and typical exercise programs to lose weight. Dieting and exercise can only get you so far. In some cases, there is something beyond them that needs to be addressed before you can lose weight. Read this now if you want to know a better and simpler way to eliminate fat than all your problem areas.

Rapid Weight Loss Tips

1. Spin like a child, but do not get dizzy

I'm willing to bet that if your diet and exercise program is failing you that you have some sort of imbalance with your hormones. If that's the case, you'll need to spin around in circles. WAIT NOW!

I'm not crazy and I'm not joking.

Spinning works to balance the hormones through the manipulation and stimulation of your Endocrine System. You do not want to do too much and you do not want to do too little with the spinning. You'll need to start off with about 5-10 spins and adjust from there (based on your body's reaction).

You only want to spin to the point of slight dizziness … NOTHING MORE.

2. Stop drinking liquids with your meals

As we age, the natural enzymes produced in our mouth diminish. Add to that … you drinking a liquid during your meals and the enzymes can not break down your food properly so that they are PRE-DIGESTED before they get to the stomach.

The best way to get around watering down your enzymes so that you do not hurt the digestive process (and then, weight loss) is to drink your liquids 5 minutes before a meal and 10 minutes after.

Drinking liquids with your meals is a tough habit to break, but once you do, you should accelerate your weight loss progress verily.

Try out these 2 rapid weight loss tips for a couple weeks and prove to yourself that they work to help you lose weight quicker.

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