Why You Need to Binge to Lose Weight

Now – if your weight loss progress so far is anything like mine was, then binging could be your worst enemy! But taking on calories is a very important part of losing weight – and, to a certain extent, you SHOULD binge to lose weight.

Let's back up a bit. First off – no matter how you might feel about it – your body is an incredible machine, built to survive all sorts of conditions. Way back before we had remote controls, your body was designed to handle feast and famine, by storing energy in the good times and burning it in the lean times. So this “problem” that we all battle in the modern world is actually a very effective survival mechanism!

So – how does that mean you should binge to lose weight? We're getting there – read on!

There is a hormone called Leptin which is produced by fat cells and it is this that tells your body when you have had enough to eat. As you gain weight, your body's concept of what is “normal” starts to shift – until your new weight becomes that norm – whether that's 150lbs, 200lbs or more – that is now your body's new normal.

So what happens when you start cutting back and dieting? Your body goes into survival mode! So the production of Leptin drops off, your metabolism starts to slow down to use less food and you start to feel really hungry all the time. Even though you may still be 50lbs, 100lbs or even more overweight, all your body knows is that there is a food shortage, and it must survive! Pretty incredible, actually, even though it does make losing weight a bit challenging …

So how does that bring us back to having to binge to lose weight?

Simple – it's all about fooling your body and working with your Leptin levels. Here's how it works:

First off – you set up your diet in the way we all know and love – low calorie, high protein, healthy stuff.

Next – you stick to your diet !! So when can I binge to lose weight I hear you ask!

After about a week, Leptin starts to cause trouble – typically, this is the point where your body starts to go into survival mode. Your metabolism slows, so any weight loss you have seen tends to slow down, and your hunger soars as your body tries to maintain your weight. Here comes the part where you binge to lose!

The best foods for this are carbs, because they are broken down by the body into glucose very quickly, which drives down your Leptin levels and fires up your metabolism again. This sets you up for another week of losing weight. So – obviously, you're not going to eat 20 pizzas on that day, but increasing your calorie intake, especially with those easily broken down carbs, will have a rapid effect.

For me – this was very exciting – instead of binging being my enemy, now I could binge to lose weight! Behave during the week, and this can be a reward, as well as improving your chances for success – so binge away!

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