Lose Weight in 4 Weeks

Has losing weight been a challenge for you in the past? Sick of bogus diets that only cause frustration? These challenges can often make it harder for us to lose weight in the first place, and it just makes it harder to start losing weight the healthy way. Here is the easiest and healthiest way to lose weight in 4 weeks.

Focus on Nutrition and your Eating Plan!

Most experts will agree that losing weight or building a better body is done in the kitchen, not in the gym. This is 90% true, so if you want to lose weight purely by eating the right foods then here are the keys.

Guidelines: Eat 5 meals per day 2-3 hours apart. Drink at least 10 glasses of water per day, Ie, 1 glass between each meal, 1 glass with your meal.


A fruit smoothie, blended with ice and a variety of at least 3 fruit, will give your energy and nutrients to fire up your fat burner early in the morning. After 2 weeks if you feel for change switch to a small bowl of oatmeal cooked in milk and topped with sultanas or berries of your choice.

Mid Morning snack

A yogurt mixed with a chopped piece of fruit or two.


Wholegrain based carb, such as rice, pasta or bread roll, with a variety of at least 3 fresh vegetables in it. Such as pulses, carrots, olives, salads, tomatoes, onions. The list is endless so make your lunch a colorful one and get extra flavor by adding herbs or a little salt and pepper. Try and avoid sauces of any kind, you want to make it a clean lunch.

Mid Afternoon snack

A handful of nuts such as almonds, pistachios or walnuts, plus a as much as you want fresh chopped up vegetables.


A lean piece of meat, such as chicken / turkey breast (skin off), pork or sirloin steak (fat cut off). Even a nice piece of fish will go well here. Either way make the meat around about the size of your palm. Make a side salad or lightly boil some vegetables with 1 tablespoon of oil as your base for flavor. Tip: Chewing you food for longer will make you feel fuller.

Follow this plan to lose weight in 4 weeks and you will be sure to have built a healthy body. Try and get this eating plan right in the first 2 weeks without worrying to much about exercise. Once eating right is practiced and your feeling better then you can add exercise to accelerate your results.

Start here with a healthier diet if you really want to lose weight permanently.

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