How to Stop Night Eating – Amazing Weight Loss Tips

How many times have you ruined your diet by eating before going to bed? Late night snacks are one of the biggest diet-killers. After all, it's not easy to resist grabbing a sandwich or a candy bar as you relax on the sofa to watch your favorite evening TV show. In fact, doctors now even diagnose some of their patients with NES (Night Eating Syndrome).

There are two reasons why late night eating is bad for weight loss. Firstly, it ruins your diet. Secondly, your metabolism slows down when you sleep. This means that whatever you eat before bedtime is more likely to turn into fat cells.

However, I have good news for you – there are many ways to stop night eating! In this article, I am going to show you five best tried-and-true tricks to keep yourself out of the kitchen before bedtime.

1. Brush Your Teeth

This is the simplest way. Although it does not always work, it usually helps, and it's great for your dental health, too! Brushing your teeth tend to weak your appetite and helps a lot of people to avoid late night snacks.

2. Never Starve During the Day

Make sure that you eat enough during the day to avoid feeling hungry at night. If you starve yourself, you will be so hungry in the evening that a binge will be unavoidable. 5-6 healthy meals a day will not just stop late night snacking, but will also help your overall diet by keeping your metabolism steady.

3. Drink Instead of Eating

If you really feel hungry, try drinking hot water or tea to help soothe your appetite as well as fill your stomach somewhere. For obvious reasons, it's best to stick with decaf drinks, or you will not be able to sleep for the next few hours! Avoid sweetened drinks like a plague – orange juice may be healthy, but all the sugar in it is not.

4. Stay Active

Try to keep your body moving and your hands busy during the evening. Relaxing on the sofa is a great way to de-stress after a long day; however, it also puts you at the highest risk of unconscious eating. If possible, try going for a quick evening job – it will not only stop the craving, but also burn up some calories in the process!

5. Keep Junk Food Away

Finally, if you really can not help late night snacks, make sure they're healthy. This means turning your house into a junk food-free zone. Store only foods that are healthy for you. Fruits and vegetables are great, since they not only will your stomach, but also contain little calories.

As you can see, over late night food cravings is not hard at all. Just by following these five simple steps you will make sure that night eating will quickly become a thing of the past.

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