I Hate to Exercise – Ok, Do This Instead If You’re Desperate to Lose Weight Quickly

You're desperate to lose weight quickly, but you say “I hate to exercise.” So what to do? I'll let you in on some secret “SHORTCUTS” so that you can CHEAT your way to fast weight loss.

I Hate To Exercise Also, So Join the Club

Secret # 1: Rinse yourself with cold water daily

Listen, I'd tell you to take cold showers but I know you simply can not handle it. So take your normal shower. But then turn the water to really cold and rinse off for 15-20 seconds. That's it.

What this does is it causes the body to go straight into thermogenesis (burn fat for energy and heat). Tadaaa, instant fat loss. Results come fast and furious if you do this everyday. I hate to exercise just like you … so I found ways around it.

Secret # 2: Never, ever drink a liquid with a meal

Look, you have natural enzymes that breakdown foods when you're eating. But if you drink something while you're eating, you dilute those enzymes and render them useless.

Food then does not get digested properly. You get constipation, indigestion, and a bunch of other things … including hurting your weight loss efforts.

You need your digestive system to be running at peak efficiency to get the most weight loss possible. So drink your liquids 5-10 minutes before and after a meal.

Secret # 3: Take Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

This is a “good” fat. In fact, the body actually takes this fat and converts it into energy almost instantly. Because this is a short article, I can not get too much into the reasoning behind why extra virgin coconut oil works for fat loss.

But here's a fact … my clients who take it lose on average 5-6 pounds in 11-13 days. By the way, 1 jar of the stuff costs about $ 13 and will last for 13 days.

Just take the extra virgin coconut oil twice a day on an empty stomach between meals. Morning and afternoon are best.

So there you go. I hate to exercise just like you. I did my homework and tested this all out for you. It all works. If you're desperate to lose weight quickly, then I highly suggest you start doing these 3 things.

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