Raw Food Diet Review – Is it Worth It?

There is a new diet out that is all the rage in Hollywood. This diet is starting to gain steam as many celebrities are endorsing it. I am here to do a raw food diet review and to discover whether or not this diet is really worth your time.

This diet has been around for a long time in one shape or form. Its main premise is that you will eat vegetables and fruits at every meal instead of meats and grains. The other foods you will eat on the diet are beans, nuts, seeds, water, all natural juices, teas and unpasteurized milk. Many people who have been on the diet have experienced weight loss and many other positive results. One of the other main positive results is an increase in energy. Critics of the diet say that even though foods like beans have protein, you are not getting enough of the muscle building amino acid. Protein is important to eat and this diet does not have much of it.

While doing the raw food diet review I came to the conclusion that this can be a very good short term diet. If you can stick to this eating plan for a few months you will definitely get the positive results of weight loss, a cleansing effect, and some energy. Then after a few months you can go back to a normal diet. When going back to the normal diet I would recommend staying off of red meat because it has been known to help you gain weight.

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