Motivation to Lose Weight – 3 Simple Motivation Tips to Supercharge Your Weight Loss Efforts

published on EzineArticles by Tim Mayroth
People are motivated to shed off those extra pounds for different reasons. Knowing your motivation to lose weight is extremely important in achieving your goals. If you know the end result clear enough, you will feel more ecstatic to inch closer to it every day. On the other hand, if you do not have a concrete picture of where you will be in a month or two, you would only drag yourself to lift that weight or run around the park with little or no reason to what you're doing .

What are the ways to keep going and press on with the goal while being happy at the same time? The motivation to lose weight is a tricky business but here are some ways to keep being motivated during the entire time:

1. Set realistic goals.

Nothing is more satisfying than achieving small, achievable goals every week. Recording your mini-achievements in a journal will help you feel good about yourself and would be a great motivation to lose weight.

2. Forgive yourself when you had a slip-up.

Do not chastise yourself if you've lost control and have ate three bars of chocolates. Instead, try to spend additional time on exercise to burn those extra calories and promise yourself it will not happen again.

3. Reward yourself every time you achieve your goals.

For example, buy a pair of skinny jeans after a month of working out and dieting. Knowing that you would fit on them would greatly challenge you to maintain your weight and to press on to lose more pounds.

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