Weight Loss For Men Over 50 – 3 Unbelievable Tips For Men’s Weight Loss Over 50

published on EzineArticles by David Eckles

So you're over 50 and ready to lose weight?

I know what you're going through. Our metabolism has slowed and age is making it more difficult to lose weight. For me that was very frustrating. I worried whether I could actually lose weight at my age. But I have very, very good news for you:

I lost weight over 50 and you can too.

Get this – at mid life 76% of men are overweight compared to just 59% of women. WOW! But there's a good reason for this. Part of the battle is the fact that we lose 8 to 16% of lean body mass every decade.

What this means is that our metabolism slows, we lose overall strength, and due to the loss of muscle we do not burn as many calories and are likely to gain weight. So our body is working against us!

This is why I want to share three unbelievable tips to help you lose weight.

What are these three tips?

  1. Eat right. I know you've heard this. But you have to adjust it for your age. First you need to eat less because your body's daily energy needs have deteriorated. Also eat 6 smaller meals instead of three. This jump starts your metabolism.
  2. Build Strength. You've got to offset the loss of lean body mass through weight training. Extra muscle means more calorie burning. Just be careful and allow more time for recovery.
  3. Cardio exercise. Now I'm not saying you should start running marathons. Just start easy and work your way up. Cardio is important because it keeps your heart healthy and burns calories.

CAUTION: These tips are unbelievable because they work. Do them properly and you'll lose weight. I promise.

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