Hypnotherapy for Losing Weight

published on EzineArticles by Claire Higginson

Hypnotherapy is not a magic formula. Nor is it a quick fix. Hypnotherapy does not make you lose weight.

So why do it?

The only natural way that you can lose weight is by burning more calories that you consume either by exercise or a strict diet. The problem occurs when we have barriers in the way that stop us exercising or dieting. We have at some point learnt to have negative views towards exercise and dieting. Either previous bad experience or information we have taken in has given us these negative thoughts.

We naturally go for the easy option as well. Dieting and exercise requires motivation but most of all hard work. It is easy to put weight on but very difficult to lose it. We have to break habits which we have had for many years.

Ultimely in order to get ourselves in to the right frame of mind something else needs to change. THE WAY WE THINK !!

This is where hypnotherapy can help.

Hypnotherapy can alter the way we think when obstacles present themselves. Hypnotherapy uses suggestion while the client is in a ‘relaxed' state to change the subconscious. It is the subconscious that presents the obstacles so it is the subconscious that needs changing.

We take in an awful lot of information that we do not realize. It is how we can drive to work without remembering half the journey, how we know a persons name without knowing how. The subconscious takes in a lot more than the conscious mind. There is rather than changing the way you make a conscious decision hypnotherapy targets the subconscious. It addresses the problem before it happens because we no longer consciously decide whether to eat that chocolate bar or go for that run we automatically do not want the chocolate and automatically decide to go to the gym because the way we think about that scenario has been altered .

The barriers are now gone and it us much easier to achieve the goals wanted. We no longer feel embarrassed about being seen in the gym or out running. We no longer feel compelled to eat that take-away we no longer will look for excuses we will actually want to diet, want to exercise and want to achieve weight loss.

So there you have it, hypnotherapy is not a weight loss tool it is a tool that can be used to change our approach. The weight loss comes automatically.

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