Quick Weight Loss Tips – How to Avoid Overeating at Restaurants and Official Events

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Let me ask you this question – have you ever had an official event get in the way of your weight loss effort? For example, you spend two weeks on a diet. You're starting to lose weight at last. You're no longer afraid to face yourself in the mirror. And then you get invited to a company dinner, where you are served with a five-course meal – and a dessert!

You can not refuse to eat, because you'll get funny looks from your coworkers. But if you work your way through the entire dinner, you'll deal a massive blow to your diet. And even if you promise yourself not to eat more than one or two meals, we both know you'll break that promise later. How do you handle this? Well, as a matter of fact, in this article I will show you three tried-and-true ways of keeping your diet no matter what your waiter serves!

1. Eat Your Meals Slowly

Company events are an occasion for networking rather than dining. Therefore, spend more time talking than eating. Research shows that it takes your stomach 20 minutes to tell you that it's full. As such, the more time you spend talking, the sooner you will feel satiated – and you will eat MUCH less! Better yet, your coworkers will not ask you any annoying questions. No one wants for being too obsessed with weight loss to eat.

2. Eat Well Beforehand

The best way to make sure you do not go on a binge at a dinner is to eat beforehand. If your stomach is full, you will feel less incline to eat at the event. However, make sure that you eat something healthy – salad leaves are great for making your stomach feel full with practically no calories involved. Also, avoid exercising before such an event, since working out promises to make you hungry immediately afterwards and can lead to a dinner binge.

3 . Keep Drinking

Let's get something straight – I'm not talking about alcoholic drinks here. But water is great for filling your stomach for a short period of time. You will feel less hungry and, as a result, less tempted to eat all you during the dinner. Another good way to prevent a binge is to allow yourself a few sandwiches during the dinner. Have a few whole-grain buns. They're reasonably healthy in moderate amounts and do not have that many calories.

As you can see, corporate dinners or parties do not have to be a diet killer! By following those three simple steps, you will make sure that you can still spend a productive (and, hopefully, fun!) Evening with your coworkers without totally ruining your diet.

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