How Meditation Can Help You Lose Weight

So many people are constantly seeking weight loss in a variety of ways. While it is often cited that a balanced diet and exercise is the main way to lose weight, there are other ways to achieve the same goal. Meditation and relaxation techniques have been used for thousands of years and have eventually made their way to the Western world.

Many people have realized the benefits of such techniques for weight loss and are now seeing the benefits. When using mediation for weight loss many people get into a habit or routine of daily practices. These may only be a few minutes long each, but they have the effect of reminding you why you are aiming to lose weight and can restore any lacking motivation. This is a much more realistic goal for many people who struggle to find the time to go to the gym, exercise classes, or other time consuming weight loss activities.

One of the main ways meditation can help with weight loss is by the increased relaxation that it brings. Meditation is a highly effective way to reduce stress and negative emotions which not only has a beneficial effect on your overall being, but it also helps with weight loss.

When we are stressed we tend to eat more, and it is hardly ever more healthy food. We are most likely to reach for convenience foods and sweet, sugary snacks, which are predominantly unhealthy. By reducing our stress levels, we can reduce the cravings for such foods. If we eat much less of these types of foods, we are likely to lose weight.

Research has shown that yoga, meditation and relaxation can be highly beneficial in many ways, including weight loss. Those people who practice such techniques are more likely to happy, healthy and in better shape – all from just meditating and relaxing. Health benefits include lower blood pressure, which can have serious consequences later in life.

Weight loss can be hard for some people due to hormonal imbalances in the brain and body. Meditation can help to adjust the hormone levels and restore them back to an equilibrium, thus making weight loss more achievable.

These methods are more likely to create long term and sustainable weight loss rather than immediate results. While it can be hard to keep finding the motivation initially when you don’t get such immediate results, it is much better in the long term. Weigh that is lost slowly and over time is much more likely to stay off. In contrast, immediate weight loss from fad diets will almost always be put on again incredibly quickly.

The Meditation Connection

Although mediation by itself does not necessarily cause weight loss, there are other benefits. Meditation causes relaxation and a heightened sense of self and awareness. This increased awareness applies to food as well; we become more aware of what we are eating, how it might affect us and our thoughts and feelings around it. When this is related to food, we become more aware of what we eat and the reasons why.

For example, we notice the unhealthy food we eat and the cravings we have. With mediation, we can identify the triggers that lead to eating this food and prevent binge eating, eating to feel better and so on. We can also choose to eat alternative foods; if we are actually hungry, we can become more aware and go for the healthy option rather than the simple convenient option. With meditation, we can learn to control these negative and often self-destructive thoughts that ultimately cause us to put on weight and find it hard to lose it again.

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