Which Of These 4 Is Your Favourite?-Whoop! Low calorie treats that you can eat…

πŸ’₯Which Of These 4 Is Your Favourite?πŸ’₯

Whoop! Low calorie treats that you can eat whilst dieting πŸ™‹

I shared a bunch of these low calorie ‘treats’ with my ladies in my 8 Week Slim Down Programme. So I thought I’d share a small sample with you too β€πŸ’

These are great options when you are craving something and don’t want to overeat. The caveat is that you can’t eat loads of them. Sorry πŸ™…

Picking tasty foods that are low in calories will help keep you on track, ensure you don’t feel guilty and keep you motivated whilst you are trying to get in better shape πŸ™

Which is your favourite? Comment below πŸ‘‡

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