Easy Weight Loss Tips – 2 Tips That "Slice" Fat From Your Body in 1 Minute Or Less!

Here are 2 easy weight loss tips that are little-used. That's too bad because these things SLICE fat from your body in just about a minute a day. You're going to learn what most other people simply do not know about.

Easy Weight Loss Tips

1. Thermogenesis shower

Ok, this is what you do to FLIP THE SWITCH to thermogenesis (body burns fat for heat) so that you accelerate your natural weight loss ability for hour and hours. Take your normal shower. Now, before you turn off the water I want you to turn the knob so the water goes to really cold.

Now just rinse your body off 1 last time with the really cold water … for just 15 SECONDS.

The water will force your body to slightly heat up internally (thermogenesis) which makes it so you burn fat. It's not a pleasant 15 seconds, but if you want to burn fat for 10+ hours at a HIGHLY ELEVATED rate, use this technique.

2. Take organic apple cider vinegar before your meals

This works for everyone, but especially if you're older. The reason … organic apple cider vinegar (costs $ 3) helps you break food and pre-digest them before they reach the stomach. This relieves a heavy burden on your whole digestive process.

Since most people have a sluggish digestive tract, this will help you to make it more efficient which makes your weight loss more efficient. Take 1 tablespoon by itself or with a little water a few minutes before you eat 2-3 times each day.

Use these 2 easy weight loss tips to help you take your weight loss to another level.

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