Fat Burning Smoothie Recipe

Who is your favorite super hero from your childhood? You know someone who just seemed to be bullet proof, always happy, smiling, and on top of the world. We want to share a little SECRET with you today that will influence your health for the better, help you shed fat, get closer to those six pack abs, and have more energy. You might be shocked at how good this is going to be.

We will warn you ahead of time, something this nutrient dense just might leave you feeling like you have super hero type powers of strength, energy and fat burning potential that you just might freak out a little! I have a secret smooth recipe that I like to use that's great before workouts, after workouts, or even as a snack, heck it even doubles as a MEAL! We are talking so much nutrient density you will want these all the time!

Come on, come on, I know stop teasing you already and just share what I have to say, right? Here is our top secret recipe for a fat burning, energy producing, super hero feeling smoothie!

* 2 large ripe avocados
* 1 cup unsweetened almond milk
* 1/2 cup coconut milk
* Handful of blueberries
* 2 tbsp of Udo's Choice oil (DHA)
* 1 tbsp of amber agave nectar
* I tbsp almond butter

Blend it all up, trust us, it makes for a big delicious smoothie. And if you do not have access to all the ingredients, or do not have the ability to spend the extra money then you can cut out a few of the ingredients. If you have something other than a whey protein, such as rice protein, hemp protein, or even flax seed powder you can throw some in too 🙂

If you want to separate them into containers and have two smoothies throughout the day feel free. Of course you can adjust the quantities above, that's just what we end up using. Yum yum yum! I think we need to go make one now!

Something like this is a much better source of energy, fat burn, and lean muscle gain than a typical whey protein smoothie with water or milk. Your body will absorb these ingredients faster and be able to use them more effectively since they are from a natural source. I want you to know, when it comes to health and fitness, what I suggest and recommend are things that I do. It's not copied and pasted material. I forced myself to be a guinea pig for a long time to find out the best steps and systems for results. That way you do not have to be!

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