Lose Weight in a Week – Soup Diet

Most people want to have rapid weight loss. However, what most people fail to ask is just how fast is fast. When it comes right down to it, what is the maximum weight a person can lose without risking his or her health?

Basically, an average person can healthily lose around two pounds per week. The reason for this is that regardless of much calories you remove from your diet, the body still needs a specific amount to run. Thus, two pounds is the maximum weight you can burn off without risking your own health.

However, there are rapid weight loss diets that have been proven to work. One of these is the soup diet which promises to burn off more than 10 pounds off a person in one week! If you want to know how to lose weight in a week using the soup diet, then read on.

Day One

You can eat as much soup as you want. The recipe for the soup varies from person to person, but its major ingredients include cabbage, onion, tomatoes and other vegetables that are low in calories. Aside from soup, you can also eat as much fruits as you want except for banana. Drink only water.

Day Two

Aside from eating soup, you can also eat as much vegetables as you want. However, the second day requires that you do not eat any type of fruit.

Day Three

On day three, you can now eat as much vegetables and fruits as you want as well as baked potato.

Day Four

On this day, your diet must contain only bananas. More specifically you should eat a maximum of eight for the whole day. As usual, the amount of soup you can eat is unlimited.

Day Five

When day five comes rolling in, your diet must consist of 30 ounces of beef or skinless chicken or fish. A maximum of six tomatoes can be eat through the day. The soup must only be eaten once today and eight glasses of water steadily consumer the whole day.

Day Six

Soup is allowed once today. A combination of vegetables and beef should be ateen, however, refrain yourself from eating baked potatoes.

Day Seven

On the last day, you can now upgrade to eating brown rice and as much vegetables as you want. However, what you drink must be restricted to either water or unsweetened fruit drinks.

That is the story of how to lose weight in a week fast. It's actually very effective, especially if you are operating under a timetable for weight loss. However, you might first want to consult a doctor or nutritionist if you ever decide on going for the soup diet. Regardless of how easy it might sound, the soup diet can still make a person feel starved Still, if you manage to stick to it, then expect to lose a few pounds after the seven days. Keep in mind that you do not want to lose weight by putting your health at risk.

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